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    Cibersql Web Repoprt
Cibersql Web Reports is a .Net reporting tool built specifically for Microsoft SQL Server databases. It is intended to eliminated repetitive and time consuming tasks such as creation of reports. You can save hundred of hours by using its built-in capabilites of creating reports on the fly and saving them for later use. Why pay a lot of money for overly complicated tools when you can use Cibersql Web Reports to do the same thing in minutes.
    Key Benefits:
Unlimited access to your reports, from around the world.
Built-in custom user authentication as well as SQL Server based authentication.
Isolated report catalogs and access for shared environement based on SQL Server database owner.
No programming necessary.
Real time access to your data.
Report access can be restricted by role membership as defined by report administrator.
Generate report in minutes, not days.
Built-in data sorting and paging.
Export to XLS, PDF, XML.
Built-in data sorting and paging.
Built-in aggregate functions such as AVERAGE, TOTAL, SUM, MIN, MAX.
Pie charts, bar charts, stack charts, 3d Area charts and many more charts generated on the fly.
100% .Net reporing tool and AJAX enabled.
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