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    Cibersql Overview

Cibersql provides AJAX web-based software applications designed exclusively to work with Microsoft SQL Server databases, MSDE desktop engines and are 100% written in .Net managed code. Our products have been designed and built to work effectively and securely for both private/dedicated and shared hosted environments.  Our web-based MSDE manager/ SQL Management Tool can help you administer and manage SQL Server 2000, 2005, and MSDE from anywhere in the world.  CIbersql Web Report 2.0 is also a  web-based .Net and SQL Server reporting tool which allows users to create a publish professional reports with just a few button clicks.

    Powerful Tools
 Cibersql Web Admin 2.0 is a web based MSDE manager, Enterprise Manager/SQL Management Studio and offers most of the functionality found in Microsoft .  Users can create and edit databases, tables, views, stored procedures etc the same way they would with standard SQL Server Tools.  Being web based, users can access and manage their databases securely without opening ports or requiring users to be physically within the enterprise.  Cibersql Web Admin 2.0 is a Microsoft .Net and Ajax -based and can run in some of the most restricted environment such as Shared Hosting securely.

Cibersql Web Report 2.0 is an easy to use web based .Net reporting tool also written entirely in .Net managed code and is Ajax enabled.  Web Report 2.0 is a complete tool which enables both technical and non technical users to generate powerful reports in a manner of minutes.  It supports both Microsoft ® SQL Server and MSDE and works directly with your database tables and views.  Administrative users can create user accounts, roles, data sources and catalogs and of course reports within a few clicks.  Published reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or xml with one click of a button and every report can be viewed in a tabular format or in 3D graph format. 

Web Report 2.0 works perfectly well in a shared hosted environment and leverages both SQL Server-based authentication and custom authentication.
    Innovation At Work
At Cibersql, we provide our customers with everything they need
to manage, administer and create reports.
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